Dear Hardcore Hardballers,
Let me begin by thanking the many of you who've used and supported this site the last three years.
Sadly, two circumstances are causing us to suspend this site for the 2016 season.
First, the Texas Attorney General has declared fantasy sports "gambling" and thus not legal in our state. Already fantasy giant FanDuel has pulled out of its Texas operation which last year alone represented a whopping $179 million in business to them.
But more importantly, my friend for 35 years and my Hard core Hardball partner Dave Lawson is facing some pretty formidable health issues right now. We trust the expertise of his doctors but those issues will keep Dave from providing the kind of remarkable, in depth analysis of baseball players that have become the backbone of this site.
Thank you so much for your patronage. We're so sorry to have to do this. But, with the return of Dave's health and, hopefully, a clear resolution about the legality of fantasy sports in Texas, we'll be back up and rolling again in 2017.
Cheers to you all,
Norm H



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Norm Hitzges

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